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Have fun and I'll see you all in June and/or November for tournaments.

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As always, feel free to contact Kristel Proctor ( 0419 511 465) if you have any questions or input.

ESRA - Who We Are

ESRA is the Eastern Suburbs Racquetball Association.  We are a "Not For Profit" organization promoting playing, competing and developing our sport.


Racquetball - A Growing Sport

Unlike many other sports, Racquetball is in a growth time at the moment.  This is in no small way due to the efforts of the Committee of the day who are committed to promoting our sport to as many as possible.  With a membership of nearly 300 and about 130 in each pennant, it is a marked improvement on the 85 or so from 3 years back.



Each year there are several competitions and tournaments.  A Spring Pennant season that starts in February and an Autumn Pennant season that starts around August.  The pennant season cater for players from all levels, beginners to National Champions.

Also, we have a "between seasons" competitions for doubles.  It's called Doubles Mania which attracts many players, both men and women, old and young, expert and novice.  With the emphasis on FUN, it runs for the 8 week break between seasons.


We welcome intending players, past or interested in starting, to get in contact and the ESRA team will make sure you are welcomed and inducted into the FUN FAMILY sport.


Welcome to ESRA where we endeavor to inspire, improve and inform.

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