Doubles Mania 8

Welcome to the Eastern Suburbs Racquetball Association! We are currently re-developing the Eastern Suburbs Racquetball Association website.
For Doubles Mania 8, please find the fixture and current results (updated 26th July 2016) here.

The Eastern Suburbs Racquetball Committee has proposed a change to the current ESRA by-laws.
These will be trialed during the upcoming Spring pennant season, with the intent of ratifying them at the following Autumn Preseason Meeting.
The proposed by-laws can be reviewed here.

The Spring Preseason Meeting and ESRA AGM will take place on Thursday the 4th August at 7:30PM at Knox Park with the season commencing on the 8th August.
The agenda for the AGM can be reviewed here.
Please remember that 2 members from each team must be present at the Preseason meeting to receive points for the start of the season. Supper platters will be provided.

Proposed teams for the upcoming Spring 2016 Pennant season are available for review.

To review the old website, please click here.